Sailing admin March 7, 2024

Ten knots of happiness. The lake ripples, the sails round out and the scent of water becomes intense. The “gardesana” is the wind that blows over the Gulf of Garda after every sunset. A thermal breeze descends from Mount Luppia and the moraine hills to turn the bay that joins Punta San Vigilio to the Rocca fortress into an unparalleled night race course.
And if “going out” at dusk in the evening is an experience that enraptures and connects you with the elements of the lake, by day the emotions are doubled, because the Pelèr, which blows in the morning from the north, and the Ora, which rises from the south, lighten up the afternoons of sailors of all ages, who ply the water on optimists, dinghies and cabin cruisers and learn the secrets of sailing with courses and initiatives of the Garda Section of the Lega Navale Italiana.
Sailing on the waters of Lake Garda offers suggestions and comfort on board even for sailing beginners, because the wind is constant and does not reach the intensity of the upper lake. But if you want an adrenaline-fuelled experience, the race course is not far away because you only have to round Punta San Vigilio. It’s no coincidence that the English call the Benaco, the wind machine!
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