SUP and Kayaking admin March 7, 2024


Stand up Paddle! Water and sun, breeze and views… The lake is the perfect place to be lulled by the waves and enjoy the feeling of gliding on the blue. Paddling while standing on a long, stable board is a simple, ancient gesture that has always been practised on the rivers, lakes and seas of the world. Today, it is the perfect way to recapture the sensations we experience on a bicycle or during an exciting trek, but in the middle of the lake. Relaxing or adrenalin-pumping, SUP is a high-intensity Garda experience. For your first experience or for practice, you can choose the Al Corno beach, where you can set off on a free excursion or rely on the school, which will give you the right advice on how to leave the shore.


Prefer to sit and glide over water? There are always canoes and kayaks, a guarantee of fun and the discovery of beaches and coves where you can land and regenerate. And if you do not have your own equipment, take advantage of the services of the Lega Navale Italiana Sezione Garda, a guarantee of safety and professionalism.